Carmen Culpeper Chappell Centennial Campanile

Bell Tower


Carmen Culpeper Chappell was a graduate of Mary Washington College.  John Chappell funded the Carmen Culpeper Chappell Centennial Campanile, known as The Bell Tower, in memory of his wife,  a victim of breast cancer. After her death, Mr. Chappell met President Anderson and together they decided to honor Carmen’s memory with the Bell Tower memorial, which is next to George Washington Hall.[1. William B. Crawley, Jr., University of Mary Washington: A Centennial History, 1908-2008 (Fredericksburg, VA: University of Mary Washington Foundation, 2008), 778-779.]

Building History

John Chappell donated two million dollars to the University of Mary Washington. One and a half million dollars went to the construction of the Bell Tower, which was completed in 2007. The remainder of his gift funded the start of the “Great Lives” lecture series on campus, which has become popular in both the community and as a class on campus. [2. Ibid.]

Carmen Culpeper Chappell Centennial Campanile, March 2012

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