Hamlet House

Hamlet House


Hamlet House was named for Professor William Hamlet.  Professor Hamlet was part of the college’s original faculty, as one of the first professors that was selected by President Russell. He taught mathematics and science and remained at the college for thirty-one years, living on campus the entire time in what became known as Hamlet House.[1. Edward Alvey Jr., History of Mary Washington College 1908-1972 (United States of America: The University Press of Virginia, 1974), 56-57.]

Building History

Hamlet House was purchased from Professor Hamlet and his wife in 1937 and it has seen many uses. It was one of the first buildings that housed male students on campus, as well as being used for the counseling and psychological services center. [2. Ibid.] As of 2012, Hamlet House is used as office space.

Hamlet House, 2012

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