Palmieri Plaza


Commencement, 1980


Richard Palmieri was a Geography professor who specialized in cultural geography. During his lifetime, Richard Palmieri also conducted research in Tibet with the National Geographic Society. [1. William B. Crawley, Jr., University of Mary Washington: A Centennial History, 1908-2008 (Fredericksburg, VA: University of Mary Washington Foundation, 2008), 604-605.] Palmieri was also an associate of The Center of Historic Preservation. Richard Palmieri died of cancer in 1997. Because Richard Palmieri was such a beloved figure on campus to many, the brick area around the fountain which connects Monroe Hall with Virginia Hall and Willard Hall was named Palmieri Plaza in his honor, and an oak tree was planted in his memory near the plaza which currently bears his name. [2. Crawley, 606.]

Aerial of Palmieri Plaza, 1989

Building History 
Palmieri Plaza is located on Campus Walk just beyond the front steps of Monroe Hall, Virginia Hall and Willard Hall. The plaza, and the cheerful looking fountain at its center, is one of the most travelled places on campus. Since this plaza is one of the most travelled places on campus, it is also the site of many pranks on campus. One of the most popular pranks is putting soap into the fountain, causing large amounts of bubbles to form.  Students also enjoy dipping their feet and even swimming in the fountain on hot days. [3. Kayle Partenheimer, interview by Cassie Trumbetic, Fredericksburg, VA, May 1, 2012]

Palmieri Plaza, April 2012

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